Our Vision

Recognizing that substantially fewer educational opportunities are available to students of low socioeconomic status than to their more privileged peers, Educational Justice endeavors to innovate and implement practical solutions aimed at closing the opportunity gap in education. Using these solutions, Educational Justice strives not only to expand the equalizing power of education to underserved students and their families, but also to end educational inequity by creating and inspiring a new generation of zealous advocates for social justice.


EJ Activists

The EJ Activists Program is an opportunity for High School students to apply their own skills and knowledge towards eliminating educational inequity. Selected high school students are given the opportunity to mentor and tutor at the Middle School level, filling in missed concepts and learning gaps for those students.


EJ Achievers

The EJ Achievers Program joins professional tutors and educators of the highest caliber with students who would otherwise not be able to afford such tutoring. The Program, which is provided at no cost to the students or their families, endeavors not only to address any learning gaps but also to develop the knowledge and the concepts needed to succeed in high school and beyond.


EJ Scholars

The EJ Scholars Program was designed to meet the needs of students with an extraordinary and proven desire to excel academically. The Program, which is both rigorous and comprehensive, is designed to provide highly driven students with an equal chance in the college admissions process and in scholarship competitions.


Educational Justice relies heavily on the support of the community and of like-minded individuals to continue to provide life-changing opportunities for the students we serve. A donation to Educational Justice, whether of money or time, will ensure that our students receive the highest quality tutoring and that additional students will be able to participate in EJ programs.


A monetary contribution to EJ is the easiest and most helpful way to support us in our mission.

Your donation helps pay for:

  • Educators: EJ is dedicated to only the most effective and talented educators, and your donation allows us procure these individuals.
  • Transportation: To enable our students to meet their a commitments to regularly attend tutoring sessions, we subsidize their travel expenses.
  • Educational Aids: We strive to provide our students with the effective educational materials and technology they need to succeed.

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The cornerstone of Educational Justice is the extremely high quality of the educators and tutors who dedicate themselves to our students. We are always looking for educators who are not only highly effective and inspiring but are also motivated to play a vital role in the intellectual development of our youth.

If you are interested in being part of the Educational Justice effort, we invite you to apply to become an EJ tutor.

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