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Educational Justice Activists is an academic honor society of high-achieving and service-minded high school students who are committed to eliminating educational inequity in our society. Academically-accomplished high school students enlist as activists for social change by committing to regularly provide one-on-one tutoring, academic enrichment, and mentoring to underserved younger peers who are struggling in school. Membership in EJ Activists is a true honor and is by application only.


Become an Achiever

Fifth to eighth grade students who wish to receive regular academic support are encouraged to apply for the $2,000 EJ Achiever Scholarships, awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Those who qualify have the opportunity to choose a high-achieving high school student as their personal academic coach. Once paired, EJ Achievers meet with Activists on a weekly basis throughout the entire school year for one-on-one academic tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment sessions.

Members of the EJ Activists Honor Society have been accepted to the following universities:

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Know a bright high school student who would make a great EJ Activist?

Our Mission

Recognizing that substantially fewer educational opportunities are available to students of low socioeconomic status than to their more privileged peers, Educational Justice endeavors to innovate and implement practical solutions aimed at closing the opportunity gap in education. Using these solutions, Educational Justice strives not only to expand the equalizing power of education to underserved students and their families, but also to end educational inequity by creating and inspiring a new generation of zealous advocates for social justice.


EJ in the Press

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Other EJ Programs


ACT Crash Course

EJ’s ACT Crash Course series provides disadvantaged students access to the most effective skills and cutting-edge strategies for success on the ACT, a luxury often enjoyed only by students from high-income families at elite tutoring centers. Offered at local high schools and community centers, the course is provided at no cost to students or their families. Read More


EJ Scholars

EJ Scholars are disadvantaged students with an extraordinary and proven desire to excel in school. The selective EJ Scholars program is both rigorous and comprehensive. By providing intensive academic support, standardized test preparation, and expert college and scholarship guidance, the program strives to give its students a fair chance in the highly competitive college admissions process. Read More

Success Stories



Educational Justice has changed my life! Before EJ, I had no one to turn to for college advice. I always knew that I wanted to go to college, but I did not know how I would get there. Read More



Educational Justice turned my dreams into goals and realities. I was a junior when I was accepted into the Educational Justice Scholars program. Read More


Minh & Aboubacar

I am immensely grateful to be a part of Educational Justice. As a student from a low-income, recent immigrant family, I received enormous academic support as a part of EJ Scholars. Read More


Educational Justice relies on the support of the community and of like-minded individuals to continue to provide life-changing opportunities for the students we serve. A donation to Educational Justice, whether of money or time, will ensure that our students receive the highest quality tutoring and that additional students will be able to participate in EJ programs.


A monetary contribution to EJ is the easiest and most helpful way to support us in our mission. Your donation helps pay for program costs that provide our students with excellent educators, course materials, and even transportation.