EJ Achievers Scholarship Program


If accepted into the Scholarship Program, students become EJ Achievers. Achievers are eligible to participate in the EJ Activists program and have the opportunity to select their very own EJ Activist. EJ Activists are exceptional high school students who have demonstrated not only outstanding academic performance, but also upstanding citizenship. EJ Activists meet with EJ Achievers on a weekly basis throughout the school year for one-on-one academic tutoring sessions an approved tutoring site. If you are interested in becoming an EJ Achiever, please begin by reviewing the benefits, requirements, and responsibilities prior to starting the online application.



EJ—A $2,300 per year private tutoring scholarship

EJ—Weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions with a high-achieving high school student throughout the school year for up to four years

EJ—Access to the EJ Activists Online Portal where each Achiever has the opportunity to create a profile, choose their tutor, communicate with their tutor, and receive prizes based on academic achievements



What’s consideredEJ— Grade in School
An EJ Achiever must be a student in 5th – 8th grade.

EJ— Whether You Demonstrate Financial Need
All tutoring scholarships are need-based. Applicants must provide documentation of financial need.

EJ— Your Application
You must submit a completed application online.


What’s not considered

EJ— Whether You’re Struggling in School
We encourage applications from students excelling in all subjects to students having trouble with every subject.

EJ— Where You Go To School
Applications are routinely accepted from students attending schools of all types.

EJ— Whether You’re a Traditional Learner
Our Achievers come from a diversity of backgrounds and include English-language learners and students with learning differences.