Featured: EJ Activist


Andrew Marquardt is a senior at duPont Manual High School, and an EJ intern. He is an EJ Activist currently paired at Portland Elementary. Here’s what he had to say about participating in the Educational Justice Activists program:   “EJ Acitivists has definitely given me new perspectives. I’m now much more aware of educational inequity in […]

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Featured: Achiever Coordinator


Shaquilla Cooper is one of our Achiever Coordinators at Portland Elementary. As Achiever Coordinator, Shaquilla supervises the Educational Justice Activists tutoring sessions that occur at Portland Elementary. I was able to speak to her about why she joined the Educational Justice program. Here is what she had to say:   “I’m an AmeriCorps REACH member and […]

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Standardized Tests: Are they equal for all?


Standardized tests are a large part of the college application process for students. As colleges become more selective, the need for a top score on the ACT or SAT is much greater than it once was. In order to compete, many students are preparing for these exams with the help of a private tutor. The […]

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Memorization: Helpful or Harmful?


In this day and age, students spend a lot of time memorizing facts and figures, especially during their elementary school years. In math classrooms across the country students are forced to memorize multiplication tables and do calculations quickly under timed pressure. Are these drills really helpful? According to Stanford University’s Jo Boaler, teachers and parents […]

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Expanding the EJ Activists Program


For the past year, the staff members at Educational Justice have worked diligently to launch a second pilot for the EJ Activists program. During our first pilot program, we gathered feedback from a small number of tutors working with middle school students at different community centers and middle schools in the Louisville area. Now, Educational […]

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Educational Justice & the Achievement Gap


It’s no secret that the education system in the United States is struggling. Year in, and year out, the U.S. is outpaced in educational progress by other industrialized countries. Recent records show that of 49 other industrialized countries, the U.S. ranks 25th. Are you kidding? Lithuania, Slovenia, Brazil, Poland, and Latvia are just a few […]

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2013 Art of Vision Award


Congratulations to the Educational Justice team! Educational Justice was awarded the 2013 Art of Vision Pyramid Award by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. Six recipients were culled from 48 nominations and we were one of them! The awards were broken down into the following categories: Art of Collaboration, Art of Diversity, Art of Governance, Art […]

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Interview with An EJ Scholar


What’s it like being an Educational Justice Scholar? Today I got the inside look during an interview with Cormel Floyd, a former EJ Scholar and current intern at Educational Justice.   Hannah: How did you become an EJ Scholar? Cormel: I found out about EJ through a friend of mine, Sandra Martinez. While EJ was […]

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