Our Students


SandraEducational Justice has changed my life! Before EJ, I had no one to turn to for college advice. I always knew that I wanted to go to college, but I did not know how I would get there. The staff at EJ took a genuine interest in my educational goals and helped me achieve them. They worked vigorously with me from Monday to Sunday making sure that I had the resources I needed to improve my ACT score and school GPA. They never gave up on me and inspired me to work hard to achieve all my goals. Thanks to EJ, I raised my ACT score by 10 points and was admitted to the University of Kentucky with two scholarships that pay my full tuition as well as room and board!

EJ has taught me the importance of education and inspired me to help others pursue their goals to go to college. Today, I volunteer at a local library to tutor high school students on the ACT. I want to spread the knowledge that the tutors at EJ equipped me with, and use it to help others!


14199790978_fb850d450b_oEducational Justice turned my dreams into goals and realities. I was a junior when I was accepted into the Educational Justice Scholars program. I had already achieved many successes as a high school student: I was class president, vice president of the PTSA committee, had one of the highest GPAs in my school, and, to top it all off I was accepted to be a Kentucky Governor’s Scholar. Among other things I was an athlete ranked within the top ten wrestlers in my weight class in the state of Kentucky. However, one component of my high school resume did not look outstanding: my composite ACT score of 20. From the moment I received my practice ACT score as a sophomore, it put a damper on my confidence and abilities. I felt that it must have been because of some material that I did not fully understand in class; or, perhaps I did not read enough. The EJ Scholars program helped me realize that success on the ACT was about preparation. Then Educational Justice taught me exactly how to prepare.

The tutoring that I received from Educational Justice was second to what it did for me mentally. Through tutoring it was revealed to me that standardized tests do not reflect who I am as a student. Previously, I felt that my performance on standardized tests should equate to the education that I received. After this program my perception was that while my primary education did play some part in my performance on standardized tests, it was not the only determining factor. By putting into practice a EJ’s highly effective strategy, I was able to take my ACT from a 20 to a 25. Lastly, EJ helped me to develop a discipline toward academics that will benefit me through my entire college career and beyond.

Minh & Aboubacar

14385510384_cbe573dee3_o I am immensely grateful to be a part of Educational Justice. As a student from a low-income, recent immigrant family, I received enormous academic supports by being a part of EJ Scholars program. I owe so many of my achievements to the wonderful tutors and staff at EJ. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to making a difference in education by bringing equal opportunities to underprivileged students. Thanks to Educational Justice, I am confident in my future in college and passionate about making positive changes in the world.




No words can truly express how beneficial Educational Justice has been in making my school career a successful one. I met Moshe Ohayon, the director of Educational Justice, when I was taking the ACT Crash Course. I was a sophomore and I had an ACT score of 19. Through the innovative approaches of the ACT Crash Course the next time I took the test I improved my score to a 27.

A couple months after the Crash Course, I was honored to be able to remain under EJ’s guidance by being accepted into the EJ Scholars program. As an EJ Scholar, my journey of prepping for my AP classes, school exams, and standardized tests began. Being an EJ Scholar has truly paved my path for my success in college and for my success in the future.

My days as an EJ Scholar have been and continue to be as rigorous and challenging as they are fun. Other EJ Scholars and I learn from each other and discover new perspectives and ways to solve problems. Beyond anything, Educational Justice has bridged the gap and eliminated the barriers that would have otherwise prevented a student from a low income family like myself from achieving his goals. And for that, I am really grateful!